About this blog
The authors of this blog are concerned internet professionals who have worked in and around e-commerce and internet marketing for over a decade.  We’ve taken to writing this blog due to the media’s unwillingness to tackle what is potentially one of the largest cases of finance fraud in presidential campaign history.  And since this is a topic near and dear to our hearts, we felt like this blog could help shine a bright and penetrating light on the murky world of Obama’s campaign donations.

The name of this blog is a tribute to the bold citizen who dared to raise the Obama credit card fraud issue.  He gave money to the Obama campaign using the fake name of “John Galt” (an iconic hero in Ayn Rand’s novel,  Atlas Shrugged, a book that is anathema to the Obama world view).

To learn more about the specifics of credit card fraud and how it pertains to the Obama campaign, this post is a great place to start: Campaigns, Credit Card Fraud and AVS.

What can you do?
It’s difficult to raise the visibility of a matter such as this, especially when the media shows little interest.  But there are some things you can do!

Sign the petition: our goal is to collect enough signatures to pressure the Obama campaign to release its donor records.  At the very least, we hope the media may take some interest in this petition which will indirectly pressure the Obama campaign to give the American public what it deserves – a more transparent election.

Contribute to the conversation: Have you done any of your own investigations into the online credit card donation scandal?  Are you an expert in e-commerce best practices?  Please feel free to either write in our COMMENTS area of each post or if you have something you think is worth mentioning in an actual blog post, please send your thoughts to mike@obamashrugged.com

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