What Next? Back on Mission.

Now that the election is over, we still hope to affect some change as it relates to shedding more light on Obama’s unethical fundraising practices as well online campaign financing as a whole.  Here are a few of the things we plan on pursuing:

  1. Report on issues that will press Obama to release the donor list which he refuses to make available to the public eye.  In this spirit, we will deliver this site’s online petition with signatures.  We are determining whether or not to send the signed petition to the so-called “Office of the President Elect” or elsewhere.
  2. Continue to investigate why and how the Obama campaign did (or didn’t) manage online fundraising fraud.  Blue State Digital needs to be asked questions and we intend to press for answers.
  3. Press Washington, in a non-partisan manner, to close loopholes that prevent unethical online fundraising practives such as those most recently put to use by the Obama campaign.  Online fundraising is here to stay and will only grow.  We need to prevent campaigns and their online enablers, such as Blue State Digital, from violating the letter and spirit of the law.

What was so remarkable about the Obama fundraising story is how little interest the media displayed.  And when the media did cover the story, they completely missed the real issue – that the Obama campaign went around standard fraud prevention techniques and enabled more fraud.  We attributed this poor media coverage to ideological bias, but this doesn’t help explain why outlets like Fox News essentially passed on this story as well.  Ultimately, we believe it was a combination of media bias and laziness that accounted for the lack of coverage.

With the exception of The National Journal, we can’t rely on the media to follow up on this story.  So we’ll continue to stay on top of the Obama fundraising scandal story (wherever it takes us and however long it takes) and we will also be taking ourselves in a more non-partisan direction.  We will keep tabs not only on the Obama story, but will keep our readers informed on how, if at all, the FEC and our representatives intend to prevent such severe violations of campaign finance laws from happening again.

A final note: Some readers have let us know that we shouldn’t distract ourselves with other matters, such as referring to Obama’s transition office as the “Office of the President Elect”, or using the Great Seal of the United States on a blatanlty partisan site with a .gov domain name.  We think that this story helps illustrate a larger point and that is that Obama seems to have a disturbing level of comfort violating the spirit, if not necessarily the letter, of the law.

One Comment to “What Next? Back on Mission.”

  1. Jim says:

    Doesn’t look good.

    It would be good to get someone at the FEC to at least speak clearly to what could be massive campaign finance fraud. What information specifically do/did they require? On what basis, specifically, do they determine a donation is/isn’t foreign?

    Take your readers through in detail.

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