– “Office of the President-Elect”??

While we still plan on continuing to apply pressure on Obama to release his complete donor records, something else caught our eye today – the new Obama transition web site for the “Office of the President-Elect”.  We also came across this picture of Obama giving a speech behind a lectern with a plaque labeled “The Office of the President Elect” accompanied by an official looking seal.

Only one problem – there is no such thing as the governmental “Office of the President Elect” and constitutionally, Obama only becomes the President elect once the electoral college has voted.

As it turns out, the “Office of the President Elect” is the invention of the Obama-Biden Transition Project, a 501c(4) organization.  This private organization is overseen by three co-chairs selected by Obama, and is staffed by non-government employees.  So, if this is a private organization, how did it get the .gov domain name?  That’s a great question.

The GSA oversees the .gov domain and is pretty specific about who can get these domains:

Registrations that qualify for a .gov domain

  • U.S. Governmental departments, programs, and agencies on the federal level
  • Federally recognized Indian Tribes ( domain)
  • State governmental entities/programs
  • Cities and townships represented by an elected body of officials
  • Counties and parishes represented by an elected body of officials
  • U.S. territories

It’s clear that based on these requirements, there is simply no reason that the private Obama-Biden Transition Project should have been issued this domain name – but that’s not the most concerning part.

The Obama-Biden Transition Project is an extension of the Obama campaign, and there are several problems with their .gov website:

  1. It features a fictitious government agency name and seal
  2. It features campaign material including attacks on the McCain plan
  3. The site collects email addresses under the guise of official government business
  4. The site itself is hosted by Blue State Digital, the very firm that is responsible for providing his suspect online fundraising tools and methods!

Several questions now emerge:

  • How did the Obama-Biden Transition Project get the .gov domain name if it is not a government agency?
  • Why does the Obama campaign use what appears to be a fictitious title of office and corresponding seal (which actually appears to be based on the Great Seal of the United States)?
  • Where do the email addresses collected on the site go and for what purpose are they collected?

UPDATE: Keith Thurston from the GSA, the agency responsible for supporting the Presidential Transition, was kind enough to respond to our inquiries with the following email:

This is in response to your question concerning www.Change.Gov submitted to the Gov Domain registrar.   The Office of the President-elect is specifically recognized by federal law, specifically  – The Presidential Transition Act of 1963, as amended (3 USC 102 note). It is a unique entity that is entitled to government support while still retaining characteristics of a private organization.   Section 3 of the Presidential Transition Act  authorizes the General Services Administration to provide services and support to the Office of the President-elect beginning the day after the election until 30 days after the inauguration.  Based on the federally recognized status of the Office of the President-elect, and GSA’s responsibility to support the Office, we have determined that it is appropriate for them to use a .gov domain.  This is the same conclusion that we reached in the presidential transition of 2000-2001.

Below is a listing of other functions that we perform for president-elects as they enter office.  We also support the departing president with certain functions after they leave office.

According to Keith, the domain name was issued in accordance with the Presidential Transition Act of 1963. Only one problem, nowhere in the 1963 Act (as amended) does it mention the “Office of the President Elect”.  The code  does mention that the GSA provide “Communications services found necessary by the President-elect or Vice President-elect”, but it says nothing about establishing an “Office of the President Elect” nor does it mention providing a .gov domain name for services that are hosted by a private company, for use on a site that contains campaign materials.

The problems here are significant, yet they are generally being ignored by the media.  The usage of the title, the seal and the .gov domain name confers a sense of legitimacy and accountability to a private organization that is, sadly, not required to follow the same disclosure rules that a legitimate government entity is required to follow.

For this article, we researched the following documents and found no reference to the “Office of the President Elect”:

the attachments to this post:


7 Comments to “ – “Office of the President-Elect”??”

  1. Aoi says:

    In my entry about this “official site” I wondered more about its intentions and value. Finding this explanation of how the “.gov” TLD was issued is really helpful. Thanks.

  2. Dave says:

    “Only one problem, nowhere in the 1963 Act does it mention the ‘Office of the President Elect.’”
    As Thurston made clear, it is in the act as amended, so of course it isn’t in the original Act.

    …”nor does it mention providing a .gov domain name”
    In 1963? Are you quite serious?

    Reply by Mike: If you read to the end of our post you will see that we linked to the amended act. Nowhere in the amended act does it establish an Office of the President. We still await someone to cite specific text within the amended act that creates such an Office. Regarding 1963, as you yourself mentioned, the Act has been amended. There have also been subsequent acts and executive orders, none of which contain language about websites and the .gov domain.

  3. ASG says:

    “As amended” means the “…Act of 2000″

    Reply by Mike: Nowhere in the Act of 2000 does it refer to the establishment of the Office of the President-Elect. We continue to await an actual citation that clearly establishes the creation of this Office.

  4. Kevin says:

    Check out the discussion at american sentinel ( )

    There IS an Office of the President-Elect.

    “On Wednesday’s Daily Debrief, host Amy Morris spoke with GSA CHCO Gail Lovelace… GSA doesn’t do transition work alone, she notes. The agency’s overall mission is to provide superior workplaces for their customer agencies. In 1963, it was decided that GSA would also perform these duties for the Office of the President-Elect, which means the agency has a unique responsibility for both the incoming and outgoing presidents… There is one other team that helps the former president leave office. This group of men and women will eventually set up the Office of the Former President. Each president actually has an office as long as they’re alive. We will help manage the Office of the Former President and we help them to set that up.”

    Reply from John
    Again, this is simply a reporter commenting on the “Office of the President Elect”, but it does not mean that the “office” is anything more that office space. In the case of “”, it states clearly that the site is owned by the Obama-Biden Transition Project, as they reserve all rights to the content. If this were a federal office, then there would be no reservation of rights because the federal government cannot copyright it’s content (with the exception of the Commerce Department).

  5. Debbie says:

    Thank you for researching info about the so-called “Office of the President Elect” and giving us the facts. I also visited the websites you have listed above, and found the same information you did.

    How anyone could read this info and twist being supplied with office space and other necessary items and services to help in the transition, into an Official Government Entity called the “Office of the President Elect” is beyond my comprehension. I too would like someone to provide the specific text that talks about the creation of this office.

    If there were such an office, than why wouldn’t the Official Seal of the United States that the President’s Podium displays, be available to the President Elect, or at least you would think there would be an Official Government Seal for the President Elect. The emblem on the Podium of Barack Obama does not carry the official stamp of a Government Office.

    If I am mistaken, perhaps someone could give me the correct info.

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  7. Phillip says:

    1. Regarding the “seal of the President-Elect”, the eagle with olive branch and arrows is clearly FROM the Great Seal of the United States. But this logo is also clearly NOT the Great Seal, since it lacks the glory, the star field surrounded by a cloud, that is an essential part of the Great Seal.

    2. For those who are terrified that Obama might do something socialistic like increasing marginal income tax rates on the wealthy, what would you call the partial nationalization of all the major banks in the US? Is that happening under the Obama administration?

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